Common Pet Problems

Pets, like children, have a unique talent for getting into trouble. Fortunately, many pet health problems can be treated if they are caught early. Make sure your vet offers not only urgent care but emergency pet care because pets get health emergencies 24/7. Our veterinarian at Southside Veterinary Hospital in Vero Beach has gathered some of the common pet health problems that you may run into.


It is difficult to prevent all parasites from getting to your pet. Mosquitoes carry heartworm larvae that develop into a big problem if they get into your pet’s bloodstream. Fleas can jump more than 200 times their own body length. Ticks lurk on tall plants. Fortunately, veterinarians can help protect your pet from bites and illnesses transmitted from parasites with preventative medication.

Ear Infections

Dogs and cats normally scratch their ears a few times per day. It is abnormal when they are scratching their ears all of the time, scratching them bald, or breaking the skin open. Crusting and strangely smelling ears are also not normal and need to be checked out by a veterinarian.


Pets tend to eat anything they can fit into their mouths. These things include houseplants like poinsettias, medication meant for people, and antifreeze. Signs of poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, lack of coordination, seizures, trembling, swelling of the face, problems breathing, and coma. Any pet experiencing these signs needs emergency pet care.

Periodontal Disease

Most dogs and cats suffer from periodontal disease before they are three years old. Cats and dogs should have their teeth brushed at least twice per week. Plaque from periodontal disease can get into your pet’s bloodstream and cause damage to the heart, liver, and kidneys. If you are unable to brush your pet’s teeth, bring your pet to our veterinarian for a professional dental cleaning.


Pets can get hurt from traffic, fights with other animals, and even from playing too rough. Whatever the reason, if your pet is injured, he or she needs urgent care to prevent the injury from becoming worse.

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It is best to find a good veterinarian before a serious urgent health issue affects your furry friend. If you live in or around Vero Beach and need quality veterinary care for your dog or cat, contact Southside Veterinary Hospital. Call Dr. Kilpatrick and our team today at (772) 562-7845 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form for non-emergencies.

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