Why is My Dog Vomiting?

If your dog vomits just once in 24 hours, it’s okay, unless your dog has thrown up blood or is showing other symptoms than just vomiting. Dogs vomit for many reasons. At Southside Veterinary Hospital in Vero Beach, Dr. Kilpatrick looks at some of the most common reasons.


Dogs and puppies tend to overeat. This upsets their stomachs, causing them to vomit. The vomit will consist of their food and some saliva. If this happens once in a while, it’s normal. If it happens every day, then talk to your veterinarian.

Eating Grass

For reasons still unknown, dogs and puppies will eat grass and then throw it back up, although many times dogs will eat grass and not throw it up. Some dogs seem to really enjoy the taste of grass. Dogs are omnivores and should have some vegetables in their diets.

Bilious Vomiting Syndrome

If your dog vomits yellow or white foam soon after waking up after a long sleep, it is normal. It’s called bilious vomiting syndrome. Your dog’s stomach has been empty for so long that the acids inside of it have upset your pet’s stomach. This is a common problem with older dogs. Once your dog eats, the stomach should settle back down. Giving your dog a snack before bed will help.


Vomiting multiple times or vomiting while showing other symptoms like diarrhea is a significant sign of illness. It’s a sign of so many illnesses that they are too long to list. Vomiting is often dangerous for puppies because they dehydrate very quickly. Take your puppy to an animal hospital right away. Let your veterinarian know what is in the contents of the vomit.


Vomiting or vomiting blood are two of the most common signs of poisoning. It’s usually accompanied by other symptoms, such as:

  • Diarrhea, including passing blood
  • Drooling
  • Swellings on the skin or around the mouth
  • Loss of coordination
  • Shaking
  • Seizure
  • Problems breathing

This is a dire medical emergency. Contact your animal hospital immediately.

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