Pet Boarding

Benefits of Pet Boarding

Whether you are planning a business trip or a quick weekend getaway, it can be stressful trying to decide whether you should take your pet with you or leave them with a friend or family member. Although you adore your pet, in most situations, it’s much easier to travel without pets; however, it’s sometimes difficult to find someone that is willing to take your pet in while you are away. There is another option, pet boarding. If you are reluctant about leaving your pet with strangers, you may be surprised to learn that a pet boarding facility is often more beneficial for pets than leaving them with friends. Here are just a few of the benefits that come with utilizing pet boarding services.


Safety and Security

The thought of hiring a stranger to come into your home to care for your pet or the thought of leaving them with friends that aren’t familiar with pets can be extremely nerve wracking. A pet boarding service offers private accommodations for pets in a secure pet friendly kennel. Most boarding services include a monitoring system that allows staff to keep an eye on your pet and the private accommodations ensures you that your pet will be safe and comfortable.

Proper Nutrition

The staff at pet boarding facilities is trained to provide your pet with the proper nutrition and ensure they get sufficient amounts of water throughout their stay. If your pet eats a specific diet, the staff will be happy to follow your guidelines regarding your pet’s diet, including foods and meal times. Staff members are also trained to recognize when pets aren’t eating and will take all the necessary steps to encourage eating and seek medical advice if they think the non-eating is medically related.

Reduced Risk of Illness

All pets that stay at a pet boarding facility are required to be vaccinated. Pet owners must provide the staff with a complete shot record for their pets as well as any information about health issues that may put the other pets at risk. Traveling with your pet means they will come in contact with hundreds of strangers, many of which may be ill. While in a boarding facility, your pet will have a significantly reduced risk of getting an illness or injury.

Pet boarding staff members provide all the pets with adequate time for playing and attention. They ensure your pet will be comforted and receive adequate attention each day they are there. The attentiveness provided will help prevent your pet from becoming anxious during their stay, which ultimately relieves your stress while you’re away.

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