Benefits of Immunizations

Benefits of Immunizations

Getting your pets vaccinated can go a long way to promote an overall healthy lifestyle. Our staff at Southside Veterinary Hospital would like to share a few reasons why immunizations are so important as part of your pets’ wellness plan in Vero Beach, FL.

Preventing Diseases

One of the biggest reasons to get your pets vaccinated is preventing disease. At earlier stages of your pets’ life, they have a weaker immune system. It's essential to start the cycle that will help them fight off any potentially harmful sicknesses as they begin to mature. Vaccines also protects you when your pets are around other animals that carry diseases. It is required by law to have up-to-date immunizations for your pets.

Immunizations Save Money

When it comes to your pets’ health, prevention is vital. Keeping up-to-date on their shots does require a small investment. However, it won't be nearly as much as an expensive medical bill or medication that could have been prevented in the first place.

Protection For Your Family

Although you most likely trust your cats or dogs around your children, they can still carry diseases. Vaccinating your animals can give you the peace of mind you want when your pets are around kids or the elderly, who could be at a higher risk. You want to create long-lasting memories with everyone in your family, including the furry friends of the household.

Safe For Your Pets

Other than possibly having a small amount of soreness or lethargy from an immunization shot, they are completely safe for your pets. They can be part of an annual wellness exam as an integral piece in promoting longevity.

Your Trusted Veterinarian For Pet Immunizations

We truly believe keeping your pets immunized will go a long way for their health and happiness. You can easily schedule an appointment with Southside Veterinary Hospital for all your pet care needs in Vero Beach by calling 772-562-7845. We look forward to serving you with outstanding veterinary care in the area.

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