Pet Dental Care

As a pet owner, it’s important to your cat or dog receives the necessary dental care to stay happy and healthy. At Southside Veterinary Hospital in Vero Beach, FL, we provide dental exams and cleanings to relieve any discomfort your pet is experiencing and improve its overall health. Before visiting us, we invite you to keep reading to learn about the importance of dental care!

Dental Care

The Importance of Dental Care

While most people may think of teeth when they think of pet dental care, there are also other aspects to consider. Keeping your pet's gums healthy is important as well, as unhealthy gums can lead to infections. Along with that, your cat or dog can experience tooth loss, inflammation, and infections that can travel to other parts of the body. When you visit us regularly, we can detect any problems early and help protect your pet’s teeth and gums.

Protect Your Pet's Health with Dental Care

When your pet's teeth are professionally cleaned, you're helping to reduce his or her risk of heart disease. Along with that, you’re also preventing other problems that can occur if bacteria from the mouth enter the bloodstream. In addition, periodontal disease can also often develop when dental health is overlooked and lead to stroke or diabetes, so it it’s important to visit us regularly for the right care.

How Our Veterinarian Can Help

It’s important to find a vet and clinic staff who are kind, compassionate, put your pet’s needs first. If you have questions about your pet's dental health or if you're concerned about the state of their teeth or gums, our veterinarian is happy to help. When you visit us, we will speak with you about any symptoms your cat or dog may be experiencing and provide an examination. If we detect any problems, we can provide the necessary treatment that can prevent issues from becoming more severe.

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If you’re searching for a veterinarian near me that offers quality dental care, contact Southside Veterinary Hospital in Vero Beach, FL, at (772) 562-7845 today. We are happy to tell you more about our services and set you up with an appointment. Our team looks forward to improving your pet’s health and wellness!

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