Pet Medical Services

Vero Beach, FL, Pet Care: Is Preventive Care Necessary?

When looking for a veterinarian in Vero Beach, FL, consider which medical services the office provides. One important aspect to look for is whether or not the veterinarian provides preventive care. Preventive care is often overlooked because some pet owners just don't know how vital it is for the health of their pet. Thankfully, we here at Southside Veterinary Hospital provide all the preventive care services your pet will need.

Pet Medical Services

Does My Pet Need Preventive Care?

If you want to maintain your pet's health, you will need the assistance of preventive care. Preventive care, such as wellness exams, is vital in detecting life-threatening illnesses before they reach the point of no return. You should never wait to see a veterinarian until issues develop, since many of them could have been prevented if you simply took your pet to the veterinarian for regular exams.

What Are the Benefits of Pet Preventive Care?

Making sure your pet has regular examinations by a trusted veterinarian provides many benefits. Not only does it help protect your pet's health, but it can spot potential problems before they threaten the life of your pet. Preventive care also ensures your pet is up to date on all its vaccinations, and it's often a requirement for flea and tick prevention. 

Additionally, preventive care can save you money. Most people don't take their pets to yearly exams because of the cost, but it can be more expensive to wait until a problem gets worse. Catching a health issue beforehand is usually easier on your wallet than if you allow it to continue to progress and reach the emergency stage. 

What Does Preventive Care Include?

Preventive care for your pet is more than just yearly examinations. It can include dental health, nutritional health, blood work, and X-rays. All of these tools help maintain your pet's health. Additionally, preventive care is also a good way to get a jump on any potential issues while they are still in the early stages. 

Should I Make an Appointment With a Preventive Care Veterinarian? 

If you're looking for a Vero Beach, FL, veterinarian who offers a full range of preventive care services, look no further than Southside Veterinary Hospital at Our pet wellness program is based on preventive care specifically designed for each stage of your pet's life. 

Don't put your pet's health and wellness off any longer; contact us at Southside Veterinary Hospital today!

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