Veterinary Cryofreeze Care

When it comes to dealing with skin lesions on your pet, it can be tricky to find a service that has the ability to do this properly and without harming your furry four-legged friend. Thanks to the advances in modern medicine and veterinarian practices, a new practice known as cryofreeze has become popular. Keeping reading to see how cryofreeze can help your pet.

What Is Cryofreeze?

Cryofreeze Treatment uses an extremely cold high-pressured nitrous oxide jet to remove skin lesions. Looking deeper at the process, cryotherapy uses freezing temperatures to destroy the cells found on lesions, lumps, tumors, pimples, and other invasive features that your pet may have developed due to being outside or having a bacterial infection. The cold temperature is what helps destroy the invasive cells, but it is targeted at the bad cells and not to affect the good cells.

Why Should You Try Cryofreeze Treatments

Cryofreezing is part of a new age, technological advancement in healthcare and you don't want your pet to be left behind in the pack. Unlike previous lesion removal methods that were unwieldy and painful for the animal, cryofreezing is an extremely fast process that doesn't take much time to complete. Additionally, relatively painless and super effective at removing cysts that, if left untreated, can result in even worse bacterial infections for your pet. 

How Can You Go About Getting a Cryofreeze Treatment Done

Cryofreezing has become increasingly common as veterinary treatment. The number of appointments will depend on the size of the lesion or the number of lesions. Our veterinary hospital works to stay up to date with the latest in veterinary medicine. We want to give your pet as many options for treatment available. When prescribed cryotherapy the veterinarian will discuss the procedure with you in detail, to make sure you’re comfortable and understand what your pet will experience. Once your pet has gone through the procedure, it will be important for your pet to get an adequate amount of rest for a smooth recovery.

Choose Southside Veterinary Hospital for The Finest Veterinary Care

While the best medicine is prevention, if you are noticing small or medium-sized skin lesions or bumps on your pet, visit our veterinary hospital. If you live in the Vero Beach, Fl area, Southside Veterinary hospital is the place for your pet. Choose our hospital for the finest veterinary care in the community!

Southside Veterinary Hospital believes in helping your pet live the best life possible. We not only provide superior care for your animal in all areas, but we do it with your best interest in mind. To request an appointment for your companion pet or to receive information regarding his or her health, give us a call today at (772) 562-7845.

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