Skin Tag Removal

Understanding How to Deal with Pet Skin Tags

Skin tags are those odd little bumps or projections that grow out of the skin. It is common for pets to have skin tags just like humans. They usually show up on areas of the body that deal with a lot of friction like the neck, armpits, and groin area. However, it is still common for dogs and cats to have skin tags in random locations on the body. That is why we at Southside Veterinary Hospital are committed to providing your pet with full-service health care. If your pet has skin tags, our team can help with removing them.


What Is a Skin Tag?

Skin tags are benign, noncancerous, tumors of the skin. Professionals suspect skin tags occur when collagen and blood vessels become trapped inside thicker pieces of skin. Since they are more common in skin creases or folds, they may be mainly caused by friction on the skin. Skin tags affect both male and female pets and usually occur during pregnancy, in obese animals, and in pets with diabetes.

Avoid at Home Removal

The gut reaction for many with a skin tag is to simply remove it. However, the problem with this is the wound that occurs afterward. Tags tend to be proficient bleeding wounds and can easily get infected due to their location usually being frequently exposed to moisture. A skin tag wound can lead to complications later in life. Also, the wound from a tag removal can be bigger than one expects and can require stitches to properly seal the wound and prevent an abscess. Trying to remove your pet's skin tags can be difficult without professional training. That is why our team is here to provide expert skin tag removal. 

How We Can Help with Freezing

The best and safest way to deal with a skin tag on your pet is by having our veterinarian team examine the pet first. Our veterinarian can examine the tag closely to provide a proper diagnosis of whether the tag is benign or something more serious. We can safely remove the skin tag by gently freezing it off. This procedure is essentially painless to your pet and heads the best results for skin tag removal. If you find an odd growth on your pet, call our offices at Southside Veterinary Hospital in Vero Beach to schedule an appointment. We can professionally examine your pet and help you understand how to prevent skin tags from forming on your pet in the future. Call us to find out how we can help you and your animal.  

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