Pet Vaccinations

Taking care of your pet’s health is an essential part of being a responsible pet owner. If you live in the Vero Beach, FL, area, and you’re looking for a veterinarian near you, our team at Southside Veterinary Hospital is available to help you with your pet care needs. Whether your pet needs a wellness visit or if he has had an emergency, our veterinary staff will care for your furry friend as though he is our own. We are dedicated to making your pet’s visit a calm and comfortable experience.

Pet vaccination

Your Pet May Need Vaccinations to Stay Healthy

One potentially important part of your pets’ health is receiving their necessary vaccinations to help prevent your pets from contracting serious diseases. It is recommended that your pets receive their first round of vaccinations while they are still young and then receive boosters later in life. Pet vaccinations are also divided into core vaccines (recommended for almost all pets) and non-core vaccines. The non-core vaccinations are given to pets at risk for specific diseases.

Dogs and Cats Need Different Vaccines

Although the vaccination recommendations for cats and dogs are different, both cats and dogs both need rabies vaccinations. Rabies is a disease that is transmitted when an animal that has been infected with rabies bites another animal.

Dogs should also be vaccinated against parvovirus, a contagious virus that often infects puppies. Another disease from which dogs should be protected is distemper, which can cause damage to many parts of the dog’s body.

In addition to the rabies shot, cats should be vaccinated against feline herpes virus, which may cause respiratory or eye problems. Cats may also contract feline leukopenia, a fatal disease for kittens. For most pets, veterinarians agree these injections are a mostly safe and important part of preventative health maintenance for your pet. Most pets might have only mild after-effects from their vaccinations.

Get Pet Vaccinations Near You from a Veterinarian Near You

If your pet is not up-to-date with its vaccinations and you’re looking for a place to get pet vaccinations near you, we at Southside Veterinary Hospital are ready to help your pet receive the needed shots. Our professional veterinary team is prepared to care for the pets of Vero Beach, FL, and is happy to welcome your pet to our office. Give us a call today to make an appointment. Call us at (772) 562-7845 for pet vaccinations and veterinary care from a veterinarian near you.

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