Radiography at Southside Veterinary Hospital

At Southside Veterinary Hospital in Vero Beach, FL, we work hard to heal your pet. We know that for many people, a beloved pet is much more than just a responsibility. Your pet is a part of the family, and as such, they deserve compassionate, minimally invasive care. That's why the staff of Southside Veterinary Hospital offers radiography services to pets in need of medical care.

What Is Pet Radiography?

Radiography is used to give your veterinarian a better idea of what's happening inside your furry friend. By taking a 'photo' using a radiograph, we can better locate problems that are causing your pet pain, including:

  • Broken bones
  • Enlarged or shrunken organs
  • Intestinal blockages
  • Cancers
  • Bladder stones
  • Spinal problems
  • Arthritis

Using non-invasive radiography, we can painlessly diagnose your cat, dog, or other devoted companion and begin a treatment regimen that's right for them.

Is Radiography Dangerous?

Radiography is not dangerous. It's one of the most humane ways to examine a frightened pet. Your furry friend is gently positioned on a comfortable x-ray table, and the problem area is measured. Our radiologist then takes one or more 'snapshots' of the affected area with the radiograph. Pets who are in pain or distress may be comfortably sedated before the procedure to reduce their levels of stress.

Radiography is painless and completely non-invasive. It's as simple as aiming a camera at your pet and taking a picture. Later, the picture can be uploaded to a computer for easy viewing. It can also be easily shared with other specialists who may be involved in your pet's treatment. You may even receive a copy disk of the x-ray to take with you.

Choose Our Veterinarian in Vero Beach, FL

At Southside Veterinary Hospital in Vero Beach, FL, we treat every pet as if it's our own. Using a combination of examination, x-ray, diagnosis, and treatment, we'll have your pet feeling like himself again in no time. Call us today at (772) 562-784 to schedule an appointment.

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