Questions to Ask Before Pet Surgery

When your veterinarian suggests pet surgery, sit down with them and ask every question about the diagnosis and surgery you can think of. The emergency vet staff at Southside Veterinary Hospital in Vero Beach, FL, is knowledgeable and dedicated to ensuring you know everything possible about your pet’s health and wellness. Consider the following questions before you schedule pet surgery.

What is My Pet’s Official Veterinarian Diagnosis? 

Before agreeing to pet surgery, ask your veterinarian for the exact name of the diagnosis or condition and if they could explain it in more detail. If you are not seeing an emergency vet for an unexpected illness or injury, you may have time to research the diagnosis and talk about it more with your veterinarian. Additionally, if any tests, such as x-rays, scans, or a biopsy was performed, ask to see a copy of all associated reports.

Are There Alternatives to Pet Surgery?

It is as essential to know more about the diagnosis as learning more about alternatives to pet surgery. Ask your veterinarian to list out all other options and options instead of putting your pet through surgery. Also, ask what could happen if your pet does not have the surgery. Make sure to get as much detail as possible about the alternative, how effective they are, and why one might be better than another. Learning about other options helps you be more informed about what to expect and if surgery is the final and only option available to treat your pet.

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If your pet is suddenly ill, contact our emergency veterinarian in Vero Beach, FL. Whether it is an emergency or a newly developed diagnosis, speak with your veterinarian to learn all you can about your pet’s condition and how surgery can help. The veterinary staff at Southside Veterinary Hospital understands how scary it could be to hear your pet needs surgery and is ready to help make the process easier. Call us today at (772) 218-0512 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian.

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